GSM-banking: information service of funds movement on your account.

PJSC CB «EUROBANK» has developed a unique option that is available to all clients of our Bank. From now on you don’t have to call the Bank or start electronic banking software on your notebook computer to find out whether you funds have been entered in your account. You will be informed by Account Movement SMS Texting provided by PJSC CB «EUROBANK».

Advantages of this service:

  • quick access to the data on the state of your account;
  • up-to-date information on funds movement and balance of accounts;
  • possibility to connect several accounts: current, deposit and credit;
  • possibility to connect several cell phone numbers;
  • to define the minimum amount of money beginning with which you will start receiving messages, that will enable you to avoid large flow of messages;
  • availability of control over the message receipt time;
  • SMS message is sent just after the account activity has been completed.

Tariffs for GSM-banking service:

Service Tariff (UAH) VAT Comment
Monthly fee for SMS-messages* sending to one ph. number 20,00 UAH without VAT The fee includes 50 SMS-messages
Extra fee for provision of sms-current account statement (is charged starting from the 51th message within one month) 0,50 UAH without VAT for 1 SMS- message

In order to get connected to the service you are supposed to reach the Bank and fill out an application form.