Mobile banking

Mobile service  «Eurobank 24 / 7» for private individuals – it is the most operative access to your funds using mobile telephone.

Possibilities of system «Eurobank 24 / 7“:

  • Transfer funds between your accounts;
  • Payments and transfers from current accounts to accounts opened in Eurobank* and other Ukrainian banks;
  • Repayment of loans;
  • Obtaining information about the transactions, account balances;
  • Management of documents;
  • Reliable and efficient integration of payment documents, saving documents in the database service;
  • Signature, encryption, and sending to the bank documents in the file import;
  • Message exchange with the Bank on a secure channel;

Advantages of service“Eurobank 24 / 7»:

Alternative to SMS-banking

All transactions are conducted with the phone via Internet GPRS, without sending SMS.


All information, which is passed between you and Bank is coded by the system of security, certificate of accordance №   UA 1.112.88862-04 DSTSZI SBU from 5.12.2006.


Mobile service saves time for the visit and the money to pay bills.

Operationability and simplicity

Mobile service is always with you, there is no need to search full access to the Internet. All is needed – in your mobile phone.

4 easy steps to service «Mobile service» from «Eurobank 24 / 7»:

Step 1: Open an account in Eurobank.

Step 2: Sign a contract on internet-service «Eurobank 24 / 7».

Step 3: Install the software.

Step 4: Activate the service, using got key, generate the secret key, unseal, sign and deliver the key Certificate in a bank.

Tariffs on operations on «Eurobank 24 / 7» service

User's manual