Fixed-term deposit, interest to be paid monthly

Quick and reliable.

Do you have free money and you do not plan to accomplish no operations with them? 

A deposit «Urgent» with monthly interest payment is exactly for you! 

This deposit program does not provide additional recharge and early withdrawal of funds. Therefore this deposit can become an optimum variant for those clients who are interested in permanent stable income, and there is no need to prematurely withdraw funds from your account.

Everyone can find the most important advantage for your own, among them:

  • Attractiveness of deposit for clients, who have free money and would like to get a regular stable profit.
  • Depending on the terms of collaboration, we can offer an account on a period for one month to year.
  • Each month, interest accrues to your account, opened in Eurobank.

Our employees are always glad to help you in registration of deposit; however it is necessary to take into account the row of terms of deposit:

  • Currency of deposit is grivna, USD and Euro;
  • The minimum sum of deposit is 1000 hryvnas (100 USD or 100 Euros);
  • The minimum sum of recharge makes 1000 hryvnas (100 USD or 100 Euros);
  • The period of deposit placement in the bank directly affects the interest rate.

Terms of resources attraction for deposits of legal entities in PJSC CB «EUROBANK»,
brought into force from 17 November, 2015.

CurrencyMinimum deposit amountInterest Rate (% pa), term of the deposit*Minimum replenishmentMinimum withdrawalOther conditions*
31-90 days91-182 days183-365 days366 (367) — 1095 daysover 1096 days
UAH 1 000 20,00% 22,00% 23,00% 22,00% 18,00% 1 000 not include With the right of replenishment during the first half of effective period of contract. Without the right of partial withdrawal. In case of early termination of the bank deposit the interests are converted according to the following rate — ¼ of currently active interest rate as of the date of contract termination.
USD 100 6,00% 7,30% 8,50% 9,00% 9,00% 100
EUR 100 5,00% 6,30% 7,50% 8,00% 8,00% 100

*It is possible to place a deposit for the term under 31 days. Rates on such deposits should be inquired from the bank. In case of premature withdrawal of a deposit placed for less than 31 days, interest shall be recalculated at the rate of 0.0% per annum.

Rates and Terms of Allocation

Placement of deposits of legal entities in PJSC CB «EUROBANK»