Deposit «Free access»

We are glad to present you the possibilities of deposit «Free access», which is the optimal decision and effective instrument to safe saving and increasing free cash. Opportunity reliably to keep and rely on a stable income as a percentage is open to you. It is important to note that limitations do not operate on returning of deposit, that you could maximally comfort manage the personal funds.

Dear customers,
We would like to inform you that starting from 07.06.2013, the deposits rate for "Free access" in UAH will be set at the 8% PA level.
For more information please contact your manager, or call (044) 584 22 22.

Advantages of deposit «Free access»:

  • No limitations on placing term
  • Absence of maximal holdings sums limitations
  • Interest rate does not depend on the balance and does not change with the full zeroing deposit account.
  • You can always use your own funds through remote service account used by the system «Client-Bank».
  • Optimization of expenses: possibility of funds return without the loss of profit.

We offer the advantageous of terms the deposit «Free access»:

  • No limits of placing period
  • Minimal deposit sum is more accessible and makes 1000 hryvnas (in other currencies -10 EURO or 100 USD)
  • The minimum recharge sum is decreased and makes 500 hryvnas today (in other currencies -10 EURO or 50 USD)

Terms of funds enrolment and write-off:

  • We do not set a limit on realization of these operations for the clients. In addition, they can be carried out remotedly, by the system Client-bank.
  • Basic advantages of this system is that the extra charge of percents is carried out daily (on account balance), interest payment is conducted monthly. And all these operations are carried out without direct client participation.

We are always glad to help you to open a deposit, but this may require a number of documents:

  • Copies of constituent documents (regulation, constituent contract), notarial notarized
  • Copy of certificate of the State committee of statistics of Ukraine about bringing in the Single state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine (EGRPOU)
  • Copy of certificate on state registration of corporate individual, notarial notarized
  •  Copy of certificate, confirmative bringing of enterprise on an account in tax authorities (form №                           4-OPP)
  • Copies of top 4th (four) pages of passport and page with a mark about the place of registration, identification tax codes of person which signs a contract, all of it must be confirmed the signatures of documents proprietors and authorized bank employee
  • Copy of protocol about setting of person, signing a contract, confirmative his plenary powers. These documents must be notarized an organ, which gave it out or by the signature of the authorized bank employee
  • Copy or original of document about notice the authorities of Fund of social security of Ukraine on accidents and professional diseases on an enterprise, about intention to open a savings account in PJSC CB «EUROBANK» with the mark of Fund about the receipt of this letter (only for corporate individuals, used wage labour).

Terms of resources attraction for deposits of legal entities in PJSC CB «EUROBANK»,
brought into force from 06 October, 2015.

Type of depositCurrencyInterest paymentMinimum deposit amountInterest Rate (% pa)Minimum replenishmentMinimum withdrawalOther conditions
31-90 days91-182 days183-365 days366 (367) — 730 days731-1095 daysover 1096 days
UAH monthly 1 000 16,00% 500 500
Term unlimited
USD 100 3,00% 50 50
EUR 10 2,00% 10 10

Rates and Terms of Allocation

Placement of deposits of legal entities in PJSC CB «EUROBANK»