Payroll card

Payroll card program of PJSC CB «EUROBANK» is a package proposal for a company, its top management, personnel and members of their families:

Pros for a company:

  • service efficiency, no cash services commission;
  • alluring and flexible tariff policy;
  • possibility to transfer money to cards via the Internet or from a cell;
  • possibility to install an automated teller machine (ATM) on the premises of the company or nearby.

Pros for top management:

  • bonus cards with appropriate benefits at reduced price (free GSM-banking and account statements sent to your e-mail.);
  • possibility of agent's commission receiving;
  • ensuring of staff loyalty via attractive payroll card program offer.

Pros for personnel:

  • GSM-banking messages about losses and crediting of money to the account;
  • possibility to receive card transaction statement to your e-mail;
  • possibility to establish individual limits of card daily transactions;
  • free of charge funds withdrawal in our local ATMs alongside with ATMs of VTB Bank.