Bank’s mission

Eurobank’s mission

The mission of PJSC CB «EUROBANK» includes consistent enhancing of clients service by means of:

  • creation of individual, up to date, supportive service for every client; servicing ease and efficient decision making;
  • contribution to the development of national economy by providing full range of high-quality banking services and maintaining Ukrainian internal and international trade and financial relations;
  • facilitation of economic development of our clients and betterment of their well-being on the grounds of mutually profitable partnership;
  • gaining and retention of dominant position in the financial market of Ukraine by means of introducing state-of-the-art technology.

We are an ambitious team of winners, who aspires to become one of the top 10 banks in Ukraine by investing in staff, service, marketing, and management.

Our values:


We respect our clients, partners, competitors, interests of each other – it’s a guarantee of successful business.


We appreciate the comfort, giving you the opportunity to fell all advantages of service in Eurobank.


This is operational decisions without a doubt, confidence in our partners, clients and employees, in their qualification and reliability.


We implement new technologies in serviccing, management, marketing – it’s the base of a successful, modern Eurobank.


This is clarity of action and decisions in the work process of Eurobank through the creation of reliable and clear management and decision-making systems.


It’s an ability to understand clients, partners, employees and shareholders, to find a compromise in the common interests.


It’s an ability to hear the information that helps you to have all the qualities above; this is a sincere interest in clients' needs, to the terms of cooperation with partners and interest into each employee of our team.


It’s a state of Eurobank personnel, which helps to work for clients, partners, colleagues, shareholders, concentrating efforts to achieve the mission of the Bank.

We believe: mutual interest – is the key to successful business!