Travelers cheques

If you travel a lot or your job related to business trips, probably, you have already used travelers cheques.

If not – pay your attention on this service of Eurobank*. In fact, transportation of cash can be quite risky.

Except it, due to travelers cheques you may be sure, that your funds will not disappear in the room or house, will not be lost or stolen. In order to protect our clients from similar problems, we offer to use travelers cheques of Eurobank.

What traveler's cheque is?

Traveler's cheque represents a commitment of particular financial institution on the payment to the owner of the cheque specified in such amounts and in fixed currency. Travelers cheques are known as one of the most comfortable type of money transfer at the protracted or distant trips for a long period of time.

Advantages of travelers checks:

  • Ease in transportation, simple in use, absence of time limits in relation to the terms of the use;
  • Possibility of payment by travelers cheques for commodities and services in majority of hotels, points of rental, shops, restaurants, service centers of many countries of the world ;
  • Use of special paper with few degrees of defense of high reliability quality ;
  • In the case of loss of traveler's check, the owner can get compensation if in time contact any agency that works with American Express.

Sale of travelers checks can be carried out:

  • To private individuals – residents, with civil and oversea passports, to physical persons without citizenship by presenting a travel document on the possibility of going abroad;
  • To private individuals non-residents, with passport and documents, confirming the sources of foreign currency cash (customs declaration, etc.).