Safe-deposit boxes

With safe-deposit boxes from PJSC CB “EUROBANK” you can allow yourself not to worry about the safety of your assets.

We offer:

  • 24-hour reliable security service;
  • strict confidentiality of your safe-deposit box content;
  • access to the safe-deposit box 7 days a week;
  • contract for the lease for the period from 1 day;
  • various dimensions of boxes to your choice (from 35 to 485 mm high);
  • both private individuals and legal entities can rent a box;
  • authorized representative can use the box on your behalf;
  • a box can be rented by two persons simultaneously.

The following items can be retained in safe-deposit boxes:

You can retain cash, securities, precious metals and gems, jewelry, top-secret documents, the antique, masterpieces of art and what’s not.

Due to privacy policy the Bank will not verify the content of your safe-deposit boxes. One should remember that having signed the lease agreement with the Bank you undertake a commitment not to retain any illegal items in the box: narcotic, explosive, chemical, radioactive substances, weapons, etc.

Schedule of fees for the lease of safe-deposit boxes